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Naman Institute Of Software Technology
Sh.Kapil Dev Sharma

(Educational Qualification MCA,BIT,ADWET,MCSE,CCNA)

Chairman & Founder:-NIST Educational Trust

Dear Students

Welcome to the world of NIST Educational Trust. Today, it is evident from our performance that it is an institute of national impact and international repute. However, no one, nor I, can claim to be the sole architect of its success. It would not have been possible for the institute to be what it is today without the constant support and contribution of all NIST staff member.

Our goal is to be a institute of generative ideas so that we remain relevant to our society. In so doing, we focus on six interweaved concepts- maintaining diverse community, creating academic excellence in IT field, blending current trends with culturally congruent values, imbibing sense of social responsibility, fostering imagination,and staying connected with beautiful minds.

To create and maintain academic excellence in IT, we engage ourselves with cutting edge research and constantly interact with the IT industry. Through these processes, we are able to foresee the complex problems that our society may face tomorrow and provide solutions to these problems ahead of time.

Furthermore, we realized that if we do not learn lessons from our traditional wisdom and blend it with the modern trends, we would turn short sighted. Consequently, in addition to typical issues of computer education, we offer lessons from Humanities & Liberal Arts to foster imagination of the members of our community.

We are a work in progress. Together we are creating the architecture of a unique academic space that balances these four paradoxes: Excellence and Equity; High Tech and High Touch; Global Vision rooted in Local Context; Agility of our systems with the Stability of timeless values.

With best wishes for you career.

Best Wisher From,

Kapil Dev SHARMA

Chairman & Founder
NIST Educational Trust

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