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Diploma in Computer Applications & Financial Accounting

Total Duration:1 year

Total Fees: Rs.10,800/-.

Installments: Rs.900/- per month

Semester 1

Ø  Paint , Notepad ,Wordpad

Ø  MS Word

Ø  MS Advance Excel

Ø  MS Powerpoint

Ø  Computer Theory

Ø  Internet Theory & Practical

Ø  Printing Documents

Ø  Computerized Typing

Ø  Data Storing , Data Searching ,Data Maintenance

        Semester 2

Ø  Fundamentals of Accounting

Ø  Rules of Accounting

Ø  Introduction to Tally

Ø  Company Information:  Select, Create, Alter, Backup  & Restore etc.

Ø  Features of Tally : Accounting  Inventory,  Statuary & Taxation etc.

Ø  Gateway of Tally : Accounting Info Group , Ledgers Voucher Type Stock etc.

Ø  Accounting Voucher / Inventory Vouchers

Ø  Contra ,  Payment , Receipt ,Sale ,Purchase etc.

Ø  Creating Master & Sale GST rates.

Ø  Creating Tax Ledgers.

Ø  GST Sale & Printing Invoices etc.

       Industrial Training & Live Projects

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