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Naman Institute Of Software Technology

1. NIST Educational Trust is an Education based trust which provides quality education in the field of Computers , Information Technology (IT),Accounting and many more latest useful courses .

2. NIST Educational Trust came into existence on 06-Dec-2017. It is approved by Govt. of NCT (National Captial Territory ) Delhi.

3. It’s Registration Number is : 566.

4. It’s official website is www.nistcomputer.com

5. NIST Educational Trust ‘s Registered Corporate Office: 205,2nd Floor Dayal Market Alipur Delhi:110036

6. NIST full form is Naman Institute of Software Technology.

7. Naman Institute of Software Trade Mark Application No is : 372938 and Receipt no is 1850663

8. NIST is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institution .by AQC Middle East FZE.

9. All the Hardware Networking, original softwares and Internet related Issues are mainained by KIS( Kavya Internet Services & Computer Solutions) 2086, Near Syndicate Bank Alipur Delhi:110036,
EMAIL: kavyainternetservices@gmail.com

10. All the Audit Reports and Income Tax Returns are maintained by DAVA Group and Associates
Address:114, 1st Floor Dayal Market Alipur Delhi:110036,

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