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Diploma in Computer Hardware Technology

Total Duration: 6 Months

Total Fees: Rs.7200/-.

Installments: Rs.1200/- per month

 1st Module :

Ø  Computer Concepts

Ø  Understanding All Computer Parts with the help of Diagrams

Ø  System Maintenance Tools

Ø  Disk Cleanup

Ø  Disk Defragmentation

Ø  System Restore

Ø  Backup

Ø  System Information

Ø  Important Shortcut keys of Hardware

Ø  Creating user and understanding of “Log Off , Restart, Stand by and Hibernate

Ø  De-assembling of whole CPU & Reassembling

Ø  DOS (Disk Operating System ) Commands

Ø  How to write CD/DVD.

2nd Module

Ø  Troubleshooting Basics

Ø  Basic Electronics

Ø  Detailed Study of : Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor/ LED, Printer and scanners,Hard Disk ,   Microprocessor, Motherboard, Power supply and SMPS, CD ,DVD etc.

Ø  BIOS Setup

Ø  Beep Codes

3rd Module

Ø  Partitioning of Hard Disk.

Ø  Installing Different Windows

Ø  Installation of all necessary Softwares

Ø  How to make Bootable CD and Pen Drive

Ø  Dual booting

Ø  Data Recovery Tools

Ø  Antivirus installation

Ø  Installation of Windows Server

Ø  Making Ghost of Whole System

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